The Earth craves

interaction with its abundance, but only in sync with the natural rhythm of the planet.

The optimal plants for skin are most effective in whole harvested form, lightly (if) processed + handcrafted with care.


CA + HI Grown

RIPE sources exclusively from domestic growers who prioritize sustainability, organic practices, environmental impact + love of the land.

Both the FDA + the USDA warn that the term "organic" is not a measure of safety or sustainability. Toxins are grossly under-regulated in cosmetics in the US, harming consumers who unknowingly absorb them, while lab manufacturing practices + plastic packaging bring even further harm to the planet.

As such, consumers + makers of beauty products in the US must take it upon ourselves to determine whether or not a plant is safe for use on our bodies + in our homes. We must be aware of how plants are taken from Earth + the processing methods after harvesting.

RIPE supports growers + makers in California + Hawaii who are living with ethical values, changing the planet for the better.


Conscientious farmers

create nurturing spaces for the sun to breathe life into the plants, a mindful practice for true health + beauty.

RIPE honors the powerful symbiotic connection between our body + pure whole plants, in the way Earth loves.