6 oz glass jar

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hibiscus, chamomile**, coconut*, rosehip**, lemon**, calendula**




  • hibiscus - increases skin elasticity (stops enzyme elastase from occurring), citric & malic acids help speed up skin cell turnover, evens skin tone, fights free radicals (which cause aging), minimizes pores

  • chamomile - relieves stress, antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties fight acne & heal scars, protects from free radicals, promotes a natural skin glow, treats sunburn, calming agent

  • coconut — anti-carcinogenic & anti-aging, hydrates, protects from free radicals, balances skin's natural oil production

  • rosehip - vitamins A & C promote skin cell regeneration, tightens pores, brightener, evens skin tone

  • lemon - rich in vitamin C & citric acid, helps eliminate blackheads & protects against sun damage, brightener

  • calendula - scar healer, repairs damage, antioxidant protection, reduces the appearance of wrinkles & age spots

Price per use

$6 per at-home spa experience (based on a 1 oz use, you'll use 6 times)

Why 6 ounces?

Think about it...SIX ounces. That means you can have ONE chill SCNI (self-care night in) + still have FIVE more ready to go. Wine, chocolate, steam, done.

Sensory Profile

Bright warm herbal facial tea with light tartness, floral + citrus balanced by smooth coconut. Walk the open air beach, stroll back home through the forest + land on a cozy hammock in the garden.

Face Care Ritual

Pour at least 1 oz of steam into a large bowl. Add boiling water to the bowl pouring slowly, noting the vibrant colors + textures changing before your eyes. Cover your head with a towel + rest your face over the botanicals for 15-30 minutes. Breathe. MMMMM. Use once a month or more depending on skin type (what’s my bespoke routine?). 

Hair | Body | Abode

  • Hair tea

  • Bath herbs

  • Potpourri

  • incense on heated charcoal

  • Not sure about you, but every time I steam I want to drink it. Wait, can I...?