8 oz glass bottle

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rose water**, pikake oil*, aloe vera**, witch hazel




  • rose water - softens, hydrates, reduces inflammation from acne + eczema, tightens + unclogs pores, removes dirt & excess oil

  • pikake oil - uplifter, evens skin tone, brightens dark spots, natural moisture that won't clog pores

  • aloe vera - soothes sun damage, smoothes, moisturizes, heals acne, promotes skin cell production, reduces the appearance of stretch marks

  • witch hazel - prevents + treats acne, reduces inflammation, balances oil production, heals scars + infections

Price per use

30 cents (based on 1 ml use, you'll use it 268 times)

Why 8 ounces? 

If you spritz twice a day, this will last 134 days. That’s 4.5 months. In 4.5 months you could dye your hair blue, realize that's not your look, dye it back, then realize you actually liked it and go blue again. New identity, same hydrated skin.

Sensory Profile

Cool refreshing flower water, instantly hydrating + softening scented with delicate rose + welcoming pikake (used in Hawaiian leis). Positive vibes.

Face Care Ritual

Close eyes. Spritz all over face + neck while breathing deeply + briskly. Slowly open your eyes to the world + let air dry. YEEEESS. Use any time of day depending on skin type (what’s my bespoke routine?). 

Hair | Body | Abode

  • Hair softening + texturizing spray

  • Hair + fabric spray (de-stresser & uplifter)

  • After sun spray all over body

  • Add to perfume to make a scented body spray

  • Substitute for water in a clay mask