4 oz glass bottle

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kukui nut oil*, grapeseed oil**, avocado oil**, clove*




  • kukui nut oil - rich in vitamin C + citric acid, helps eliminate blackheads, protects against sun damage, heals scars

  • grapeseed oil - unclogs pores, tightens skin, restores collagen

  • avocado oil - protects against skin damage, repairs skin damage, rejuvenates skin cells, deeply moisturizes, vitamins A, D + E protect against UV rays

  • clove - antibacterial & antifungal properties prevent + treat acne, reduces inflammation, induces restfulness


Price per use

36 cents (based on a .5ml portion, you'll use this serum 237 times per bottle)

Why 4 ounces? 

One use = the size of a pomegranate seed. Four ounces will last you longer than competing products + make the planet happier with less package waste. This larger size glass bottle feels great in your hand, is a stunner on the shelf + can be reused. 

Sensory Profile

Fast absorbing smooth, creamy yet light oil gently scented with a warming earthy spice. An overall badass.

Face Care Ritual

Cover the opened top with hand + tilt the bottle 180 degrees + 180 degrees back (to upright position). Rub hands together + massage into skin taking slow deep breaths. YUM. Use morning or night depending on skin type (what’s my bespoke routine?). 

Hair | Body | Abode

  • Hand + cuticle oil (massage into hands after facial application)

  • Hair moisturizing oil (oil training - all the rage)

  • Dry areas anywhere on the body

  • Massage oil + temple rub

  • Smooth over a recently closed wound for scar prevention

  • Use as an oil base + combine with a perfume oil or essential oil to scent a room

  • Substitute WD-40 (has not been tested... but let us know if it works)