Exfoliating Cleanser - 6 oz glass jar

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coconut soap*, white rice**




  • coconut soap - deep cleansing lather, removes dirt + dead skin cells, moisturizes, promotes elasticity with antioxidants, antimicrobial properties decrease current breakouts, prevents acne

  • white rice - gently exfoliates, natural UV ray protection, cleans grease, brightens skin

Price per use

17 cents (based on a .5ml portion & 6 ounce jar, you'll use it 356 times)

Why 6 ounces? 

Think about it... SIX whole ounces. This 6 ounce jar will last you about a year (since you only need a blueberry sized amount per use), making the most of your precious time spent shopping for skin care. Damn, that's a nice 6 ounces.

Sensory Profile

Fine bright white powdered soap with gentle microdermabrasion effect + a fresh clean linen scent. Begin anew.

Face Care Ritual

Add a small pile (about a blueberry size) to your palm + add warm water. Build a lather, then massage onto your face slowly while breathing steadily. Rinse clean with cool water + gently pat dry with a soft cotton towel. AHHHHH. Use morning or night depending on skin type (what’s my bespoke routine?). 

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  • Fabric spot stain remover

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